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Customer Feedback

Still Saying After All These Years

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From Model Aircraft Builders ...

"I am quite pleased with the Cleveland drawings and your customer service." D.W.S., KS.

"Your plans are just great!" R.H., CT.

"Your plans are beautiful and very informative. Keep it up!" P.B., OK.

"Your plans are still the best money can buy." D.J.S., ID.

"Your plans are thorough and, with the hints, helpful." T.S., OH.

"It was like a dream come true ... that C-D Models still exists. They are the best plans that I have ever seen." O.L., Sweden.

"Heartfelt compliments for your dedication and the quality of your work." T.B., WA.

"Keep up the fine work making these fine plans available to we modelers and antique classic airplane admirers." D.M.A., OH.

"Thanks for the great work you have done ... in making these plans available to modelers ... ." R.E.S., Sr., PA.

"Your restoration of E. T. Packardís plans and reduced price list is music to my ears." M.G.B., TN

"I think itís absolutely super that youíre carrying-on the Cleveland tradition." M.M., OH.

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