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Cleveland Model & Supply Co., Inc.

Privacy and Security Practices

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Privacy Practices

Use of Cookies
The use of cookies on this site is restricted to that necessary for the technical administration of the online store. The server assigns a randomly generated 'session identifier' to each browser session so that the store can distinguish between multiple, concurrent shoppers. No information other than the 'session identifier' is ever stored in a cookie by this site. Further, the 'session identifier' cookie is designed to expire and be deleted at the end of each user's browser session — i.e., when the user closes his/her browser.
Collection & Use of Personal Information
Cleveland Model & Supply Co., Inc. collects no personal information whatsoever on this site other than that used to create and fulfill orders of our goods or to allow our customers to enroll in our E-mail List. Personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and order details, etc.) is used only for the purpose of fulfilling each order or to satisfy enrollment in the E-mail List, and is never willingly shared with or sold to any third party.
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